XFree86 X Server Config Files

The following config files should be equally appropriate for both NetBSD and Linux:


1024 x 768

800 x 600

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After downloading the correct XF86Config file (this file should not have an filename extention, and if you have trouble downloading try the right mouse button) for your machine, language and resolution, copy this file to the /etc directory. The SVGA X-server must be previously installed for this to work properly.

In general, you can use any Linux XF86Config file on NetBSD, just make sure you adjust the mouse protocol and device properly in the "Pointer" section:

Section "Pointer"
   ###Protocol        "PS/2"			# Linux
   ###Device          "/dev/mouse"		# Linux
   Protocol        "wsmouse"			# NetBSD
   Device          "/dev/wsmouse"		# NetBSD
Protocol "PS/2" is still supported for older kernels, you'll have to use Device "/dev/pms0" with the opms mouse driver in the kernel for that, though. Useful for X-Servers that don't support the wscons protocol (like XFree 4.0).

If you have trouble with some jitter or other screen corruption when there is movement on the screen, try turning off hardware acceleration in the graphics card section of the /etc/XF86Config file:

Option "noaccel"

If you experience repeating (bouncing) keys while typing, install the xkbset program from pkgsrc/x11/xkbset, then put this into your ~/.xinitrc:

xkbset bouncekeys &

See also the NetBSD documentation on the X Window System, and the config files available in the download section.