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[20041227] Greetings from the 21st Chaos Communications Congress (21C3) in Berlin, Germany
If you're reading this from somewhere outside the congress, you're missing a great lot of fun. We've a booth with lots of space in the hackcenter of the congress, and besides the usual bunch of t-shirts and CDs there's a lot of fun with a merry buch of NetBSD-oriented people. Our (NetBSD) booth is a joint project with Postgres, and we're located between the OpenBSD and MirBSD booths, bringing endless fun and ways for cross-fertilization. I gave two tasks today, one telling people that "free" software is not public domain ("GPL für Anfänger" - GPL for beginners, and what alternatives are there :) and introducing pkgsrc. After that my throat's completely disfunctional, and I've decided to stop advertizing NetBSD for today. :) (I can't reach the laptop with my slides of the above presentations right now, so I'll place links to that tomorrow. People missing them should have come here :)

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