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[20041230] 21c3, final day
First, I managed to put up the material for my two talks, ``GPL für Anfänger'' (slides, paper) and ``Easy Software Installation on Linux, Solaris, NetBSD etc. using pkgsrc'' (slides, paper). The papers are also published in the conference proceedings (25MB PDF). I've also prepared slides for a NetBSD lightning talk which Stefan Schumacher held for me as my throat's still bad. The third day of the congress didn't have many thrills, we closed the booth at like 8pm and after some fine cow meat we went to C-Base for hanging out.

I'd like to thank, in no particular order, the following people for helping out at the booth: Stefan Schumacher, Bernd Sieker, Karl-Uwe Lockhoff, Dennis Wecker, Lubomir Sedlacik, Christoph Badura, DaNiel Ettle and everyone I've forgotten!

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