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[20050416] What is the difference between NetBSD and ...
[some other operating system] - this is one of the questions I hear a lot when going go roadshows, and which arises on #NetBSD every now and then, too. While everyone technically savvy won't ask the question, telling people about how an operating system -- usually including their own favourite penguin-based brand as well as NetBSD -- are built up, is needed to make them understand. One thing that has helped me doing so is a poster from O'Reilly which is entitled "Anatomy of a Linux System", but which really applies to a much wider range. The linked PDF isn't exactly in best quality, unfortunately - any volunteers to talk to O'Reilly to make a new poster with s/Linux/Unix/ or even s/Linux/NetBSD/? :) FWIW, I've made the most interesting part of the poster available in a separate image here (the text on the red marble in the middle is "kernel").

That image and a lecture on portability should to for a first impression of the difference (and similarities!) between NetBSD and some other operating system.

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