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[20050501] qemu: CVS-version builds and runs - sort of (Update 1)
Trying further to get Solaris/x86 going in qemu on NetBSD, I've got the CVS-version of qemu finally compiling today, after adding a few nasty defines to work around functions not available in NetBSD 2.0 (isundefined()). Now qemu(i386) builds and can boot NetBSD 2.0. Unfortunately the (guest) X server gets a signal 11 a few seconds after startup, and then qemu hangs. :(

Whoever wants to try the patch I used against the CVS version is welcome, it's available here.

Update #1: Poking a bit further, I have a working qemu-system-x86_64 now, which can boot a NetBSD/i386 CD. I'm still downloading a NetBSD/amd64 CD, but here is the patch. (Requires the above patch, see comments at the start).

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