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[20050609] More BSD code: IBM's Slimline Open Firmware (Updated)
The software may not be to thrilling: IBM has released a bootloader for PowerPCs based on the IEEE-1275 (Open Firmware) standard. While they've lost their biggest customer, it may help others ;). The more interesting thing here is that the code is released under a "liberal Open Source Software (OSS) license", which looks remarkably like a 3-clause BSD license. This is the 2nd big company who has discovered the BSD license recently, after AOL.

Of course a bootloader is no enduser software, and companies like Brocade may well customize the software without being forced to open up changes, so this is definitely a favour to such companies, and an example how Open Source can be made business-fiendly. But with IBM aiming for Linux and GPL-based software so far, do we see a chance in thinking here?

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