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[20051213] fund raising campaign
As you're already reading this blog about the world's best[1] operating system, you're aware of this and maybe you want to reflect this in your resume or even get your employer to use and recruit people with the appropriate skills easily. For example via a BSD certification from the group!

Setting up a certification that's internationally recognized and made sure to be valid is quite some effort which doesn't need only experts with a lot of BSD experience, but experts with experience in test preparation and psychometrics. As such, the group is currently doing a fund rising drive to come up with the costs of $35.000US which each of the tests will require in order to be established.

If you (or/and your employer!) think this is a good idea[2], don't hesitate to donate!

or second best, after Solaris, but that's debatable after seeing what they did with the startup system in Solaris 10 (XML, SQL).
If you think the idea stinks but you still need to get rid of some money before christmas, feel free to donate it to donate it to the blog on the world's best operating system, the world's best open source harddisk image cloning software or a pkgsrc build cluster for the world's best open source operating system.

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