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[20060109] Updating my home PC's pkgs
After running NetBSD 3.0(_whatever) for some time on my home PC, and after there are 3.0/i386 pkgs available now, I decided to update all the pkgs I use the other day. In short, the process was a lot less painful than expected.

Using "pkg_info -u" gave me a rough idea of what I really installed (instead of what was pulled in as dependencies), and I then made a list of packages i wanted. As I didn't dare removing all my packages before the update, I set up a chroot environment in which I later installed all new packages, running " install=/usr/sandbox" from /usr/src.

After "chroot /usr/sandbox", I took my above list, and ran "pkg_add" on each one, pointing the PKG_PATH environment variable at the binary pkg repository on the NetBSD FTP server. Almost everything went smooth, except the few packages that cannot be made available via FTP - acroread, acroread5, mplayer and xv. Using pkgsrc to install them worked. Surprise.

After that I moved aside /usr/pkg and /var/db/pkg, replaced them with symlinks to /usr/sandbox/usr/pkg and /usr/sandbox/var/db/pkg, and rebooted the system. Maybe I should say that my home PC logs me in immediately via some magic dust, runs .xinit which starts up fvwm2, firefox, fires up the DSL connection and a few other things, so rebooting this machine is quite a good test to see what breaks.

With one exceptions, everything worked: firefox is now called firefox-gtk1 (I detest gtk2+!) so this wasn't found immediately. After adding a symlink to give me back a 'firefox' binary, everything works as before, just with newer packages.

In summary, the drama that I expected to manifest in missing binary packages and broken pkgsrc packages just wasn't there. I'm happy. Thank you, NetBSD! :-)

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