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[20060407] Announce: g4u 2.2beta2 released
After more than a year of distraction and work in the background, I'm happy to announce a beta release of the upcoming g4u 2.2 release. The most important changes are not user-visible but in the build process, but as a result of this, the 2.88MB size restriction is gone and now only the machine's RAM is the limit, allowing me to add a lot of drivers again.

You can find all the details in the history section of the g4u webpage:

Those interested in some development activities can also have a look at the g4u portion of my weblog, I've added a note to this at

Last, let me thank all those that have donated money to make this beta-release of g4u possible. I'm still working on my PhD thesis (with no financial aid or work contract), and your donations make it possible for me to continue work on g4u and not starve. Those wishing to express their gratitude for where g4u is today, please donate via, or get in contact for means other than paypal. Thanks!

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