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[20060621] NetBSD TCP/IP stack used in Sony Playstation 2 games
It's been known that Sony is shipping the Playstation Portable including NetBSD code for quite some time. Scott Telford now wrote me mail to tell us that he has since found a few other PS2 games with similar acknowledgements. Investigating further, it seems that a TCP/IP stack derived from NetBSD is included in a library called "EEnet" (EE for "Emotion Engine", Sony's name for the MIPS CPU in the PS2) which forms part of the "PlayStation 2 Programmer Tool Runtime Library", part of the official Sony SDK for the PS2. Games using this library for network multiplayer functionality include a file "LIBEENET.TXT" on the game DVD-ROM containing the full licence and acknowledgement text.

I've looked at a copy of the named LIBEENET.TXT file from the "PlayStation 2" Programmer Tool Runtime Library Release 2.8, and following the BSD license, it indeed contains acknowledgements to both The NetBSD Foundation as well as many individual developers.

More information on the EE is available in this article (a bit heavy on the hardware side and not talking about the software much, but gives a good idea on how MIPS can be used in the target embedded area!). Anyone got a list of games using the "Emotion Engine"?

So who's gonna say again that you can't play with NetBSD? :-)

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