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[20061009] The NetBSD Bugathon: Reloaded and successful
Last weekend was the second NetBSD Bugathon -- an event that was focussed at fixing existing NetBSD PRs, and that had many NetBSD developers ("committers") and enthusiastic users work on fixing and closing about 300 open PRs.

The event was again guided by Elad Efrat, who has also posted a report on the bugathon, see his mail to the netbsd-users list. Given the recent rumours about NetBSD dying, having no momentum, etc. that's quite a step forward, and it also served as an example for others.

Further events of this kind are planned, though they will likely be more focussed, going away from picking the low-hanging fruits^WPRs and aiming e.g. at specific areas like pkgsrc, support of certain hardware platforms, etc. Check out the NetBSD Hackathon webpage for updates!

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