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[20061011] GSoC 2005 reloaded: puffs - userspace fs framework integration
Last year's Google "Summer-of-Code" participant Antti Kantee has picked up work on his userland filesystem interface code again, and posted a progress report: ``It works for untarring, reading, writing, linking, symlinking and other normal file system use. The speed isn't yet very impressive, but I plan to work on that in the coming weeks. Run-time stability is good judging on my experiments, but there are still some problems if the userspace counterpart decides to get bored with living (kernel handles that fine most of the time, though). [...] ''

See Antti's posting for all the details, plus his second posting about his future plans and interfacing with the FUSE API.

Now who's the first to get us a SSH/scp/sftp based filesystem? I offer a BSD Daemon pin as price! :-)

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