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[20070409] Hackathon 5 - Results
[Daniel and I have drafted this together, so I'll take the liberty to paste without quotes]

The fifth NetBSD Hackathon took place from Friday, 6th of April, until Sunday, 8th of April 2007. Titled "docathon", the main focus was on bringing the NetBSD WWW pages and documentation into a consistent and more up-to-date state. Here are the results:

  • All .list files that are not related to translations have been converted
  • Many of the ports pages were previously either available in XML or HTML. To unify them, all the HTML-pages have been converted to XML (or are under conversion).
  • The wscons FAQ has been converted and merged into the NetBSD Guide's "console drivers" section.
  • Other parts of the documentation previously only available in plain HTML have been converted to XML.
  • Obsolete ports pages have been removed in the process of the sh5 and evhsh5 port removal which happended during this weekend, new ports paves have been properly linked.
  • Various minor updates and fixes have been applied
Unfortunately, the translations are generally in a state without much hope. In order not to confuse users with highly outdated docs, it is recommended that the translations shall be dropped sooner or later. Of course, regional groups are highly encouraged to maintain their own translations in order to further promote NetBSD for their native users.

Overall, the event was a great success, and given esp. the short notice still a number of people have helped to make it so - thank you very much to all of them!

If you want to learn more about the 5th NetBSD Hackathon, you can find information at the Wiki at People interested in working on any of the open issues feel free to communicate via the mailing list.

Let me add a few notes on my own:

  • The Wiki is a WONDERFUL tool for short-term, online collaboration and management of working lists
  • Our documentation needs more reading, and consecutive updates. We should do a Readathon soon. :)
  • Emacs with nxml-mode (pkgsrc/textproc/nxml-mode) is a nice tool for updating documentation, esp. one with bad structure and lots of missing closing links.
Thanks to Daniel for being the driving force behind this event!

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