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[20080209] Article: The Top 50 Proprietary Programs that Drive You Crazy - and Their Open Source Alternatives
I'm happy to hear that -- according to this WHDb article -- the NetBSD-based harddisk image cloning suite g4u is one of the cures to mankinds most annoying problems (sort of :-): ``42. Norton Ghost to Partition Image: Norton Ghost isn?t a shabby backup system, as it?s a complete tool that backs up everything but the kitchen sink. If you have a complete disk failure, Norton Ghost can bring it back to life on a new hard disk (although you don?t need to make a complete backup every time). You can take this backup to external drives, CDs or DVDs. If you?re an open source advocate, however, Norton Ghost doesn?t cut the cake. You?ll want something like Partition Image (for Linux) or Ghost for Unix (G4U) for Windows or Unix users. Both tools are disk cloners that act differently, but they?re as robust as Norton Ghost. Read more at their respective Web sites before you make the jump. (For a complete rescue disk including Partition Image see SystemRescueCd).''

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