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[20080318] Report on the first pkgsrc-wip hackathon
Adam Hoka posted about started about doing another hackathon a few days ago, with the focus of concentrating on pkgsrc-wip, the SourceForge spinoff of pkgsrc that has "work in progress" packages, and where it's easy to get commit access to import packages for easy testing, before they are moved into pkgsrc. The "wipathon" ran last weekend, and now Adam posted a report on the results of the hackathon: ``We could tidy up pkgsrc-wip and import some packages to pkgsrc. There are some other software we have made ready to use, and only needs some testing before we can import them. We have also got rid of outdated and long time unmaintained packages. But the most important is, that we could share and discuss our ideas.''

On a side note, it also seems that one or more people got quite some pkgsrc karma and possibly a new mail address in the process. :)

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