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[20080424] Summer of Code, and Security Advisories
Just a mini-catchup, I'm too lazy to duplicate the details here:
  • This year's Google Summer of Code projects have been chosen! After 7 (2005), 8 (2006) and 6 (2007) projects, this year brings a whopping 14 projects for students to work on for NetBSD! Rumours say that the reason for the big increase can be found in the high rate of projects that were both finished successfully as well as imported into NetBSD's main source tree. For more information on the projects, see the NetBSD-SoC homepage.

    Next steps for students are to get familiar with NetBSD's community and developers in the so-called "community bonding period", and coding will start late in May. See the Google pages for exact dates.

  • Three new security advisories have been published: Mmm, the joys of importing 3rd party sources into your codebase.
Speaking of importing 3rd party code... I think it would be nice if someone would actually start work to closely integrate 3rd packages with the NetBSD operating system's base install. That way, such software could be installed (and updated...) via the package handling system, without juggling around the sources, rebuilding and reinstalling the base system. I'm sure there's plenty of stuff in NetBSD's src that could be phased out with the help of a properly integrated packaging system. Any takers?

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