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[20080713] Another source-changes catch-up (late may until second week of july 2008)
The following list gives changes to NetBSD-current between end of may to second week of july. Note that NetBSD is currently in a feature-freeze to prepare the 5.0 release, so there are more stability improvements going in than new features being added:
  • Work on the wrstuden-revivesa is ongoing. The old Scheduler Activations (SA) based threading code that was removed from NetBSD after 4.0 is adapted for NetBSD-current, so any applications that depend on SAs can continue to run. This is important for binary compatibility.
  • More changes towards the new kernel modules (kmod) framework:
    • file systems' sysctl init code is now ran in a fashion so that the modules can either be linked statically into the kernel, or loaded as module during runtime, without recompiling the code. (this used to be done via some #defines previously, which either expanded to code for the LKM, or to code for static inclusion).
    • the uaudio driver can now be compiled as kmod. More work is done to actually attach audio to newly found devices, though.
  • Wasabi's journaling filesystem support was added on the simonb-wapbl branch. There are still a number of issues to be resolved before this gets to flight under real life conditions.
  • Support for LVM as part of this year's Google Summer of Code was added on the haad-dm branch. Currently it is possible to create a logical volume, newfs and mount it with the Linux lvm2tools lvcreate utility - the NetBSD driver is API-compatible with Linux.
  • After TNF has changed its copyright from 4-clause to 2-clause, other holders of material in NetBSD's code base have made similar changes.
  • The yamt-pf42 branch was merged, which merges in a newer PF packet filter from OpenBSD 4.2.
  • Management of processor sets and thread affinity was added, see the cpuset(3), affinity(3), pthread_setaffinity_np(3) and pthread_getaffinity_np(3) manpages as well as the cpuctl(8) and psrset(8) commands.
  • The Red-Black-Tree code was optimized more, and moved in a place so that the same code can be used both from userland (libc) and kernel code.
  • ifconfig(8) was changed to allow easy adding/removal of features such as address families (inet, inet6, iso, atalk) and protocols (802.11, 802.3ad, CARP) via the Makefile.
  • SSH was extended with the HPN-SSH patch, which aims at improving performance of SCP and the underlying SSH2 protocol by dynamically allocating buffers. See the HPN-SSH homepage for more information.

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