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[20080922] NetBSD 4.x binary packages
John Klos and Havard Eidnes have made a bunch of precompiled binary packages available, See John's and Havard's arm and alpha email. John built packages from the pkgsrc 2008Q2 branch, for the following platforms:
  • mipsel - cobalt: 1506 packages
  • mipseb - sgimips: 344 packages (just recently started)
  • arm - shark: 939 packages
  • m68k - amiga: 1316 packages
The packages can be found on Havard has uploaded a set of preliminary results from a build of pkgsrc-2008Q1 on NetBSD 4.0/arm. He has a total of 3.5GB in a total of 4578 packages, which can also be found on (different directory...).

Havard has also uploaded bulk build results from NetBSD 4.0/alpha and pkgsrc-2008Q2. A total of 6.7GB of packages were uploaded, for a total of 6270 packages. The packages can be found on as well.

Happy pkg_add'ing!

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