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[20040930] Internet 2 Landspeed Record: Ooops, they did it again!
Aparently the folks from the Swedish University Network (SUNet) at Lulea managed to break their previous Internet 2 Landspeed record for both single and multiple streams, using NetBSD again. Comparison:
Old record:
  • 838860800000 bytes in 1588 real seconds = 4226 Mbit/sec o
  • Distance: 16,343 km (10,157 miles)
  • 69.073 Petabit-meters/second (12% increase)

New record:
  • 1966080000000 bytes in 3648.81 real seconds = 4310.62 Mbit/sec
  • Distance: 28,983 km (18,013 miles)
  • 124.935 Petabit-meters/second (78.6% increase)
The big difference in distance and thus the record itself is due to suboptimal routing, crossing the ocean three times. Nonetheless, thanks to a newer version of end machines' operating system -- a prerelease of NetBSD 2.0 -- and some newer routers, this record was achieved on a production network just in the previous case. See the project pages for single stream and multiple streams for more information!

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