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[20050309] IBM and HP selling NetBSD-based switches
After some rumour-tossing and googling, I have found that ``The Rhapsody switch, which will first be delivered to OEMs as a 16-port box, uses a "split-mode architecture" dubbed XPath. The two major elements of this are the central CPU, which is a PowerPC processor running the NetBSD operating system; and the port-based XPath Storage Processors, or XSPs, which are 3 million-gate ASICs. In the middle is a transport-neutral, 1-terabit-per-second crossconnect fabric.'' Apparently Brocade's Rhapsody switches are sold as OEM product by HP.

On a related note, IBM now also sells Brocade hardware, and there are rumours from usually well-informed sources that the Silkworm SAN routers are shipped with NetBSD as operating system, too.

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