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[20050411] No NetBSD News Today (Updated)
I'm pissed off enough by people working in this project against each other that I'm not in the mood to dig up any interesting things. I hope NetBSD & esp. pkgsrc management get their act together else I see a dim future for this project(s).

Let's hope for a better day tomorrow...

Update: Thanks to the people who've mailed and encouraged me. To answer the question what happened, let's say there are different opinions about the value of precompiled binary packages, esp. in light of security problem. While the practice so far was/is to just rm them (and thus make the set of binary pkgs on the FTP server inconsistent and mostly unusable w/o compiling missing things from pkgsrc), it may happen that this handled a bit more user/functionality-oriented. To what extend the binaries will be moved around and how this will be documented, or if the binaries may even be replaced by non-vulnerable packages remains to be seen.

While pkgsrc is all fine for building by compiling, the situation with availability of binary packages for slow platforms is very suboptimal. Having started pkgsrc in 1997, with Al Crooks, and with the goal to provide precompiled packages for slow machines -- I used to maintain an archive of binary packages for NetBSD/amiga before that time -- I can't really say that this goal was met today, 8 years later. The blame to not put enough emphasis on crosscompiling and esp. "management" processes to ensure better availability of binary pkgs on all platforms supported by NetBSD goes to myself in this case. Shoot me. :)

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