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[20050513] Mention of NetBSD's UVM system in Tanenbaum's "Modern Operating Systems"
Rui Paulo has dropped me a note that NetBSD's new virtual memory handling is mentioned in chapter 4, "Memory Management" the 2nd international edition of Andrew S. Tanenbaum's "Modern Operating Systems":
    "... One recent exception [the author was stating in the previous sentence that research on VM systems "have largely died off"], however, is a redesign of the 4.4 BSD virtual memory system (Cranor and Parulkar, 1999)" (p. 262)
For those that don't know the book, it's THE book to look at for Operating System principles. Definitely very good for beginners on the topics, I'd recommend it even before specific books like the 4.4BSD book.

The paper found by Tanenbaum can be found here, Charles D. Cranor's dissertation on Design and Implementation of UVM is also available.

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