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[20050614] Donate! Help NetBSD help you!
Thor has writte a very nice email asking for donations for things that will benefit its users most, a replacement for the (always overloaded) anoncvs server, and one (or more?) machines for the build server (see Donations via paypal to are preferred, sending checks can be arranged - see the mail for details.

[And while we're here, if you want to support a poor blog writer/PhD student/teacher/NetBSD jack-of-all-trades/g4u author/etc., drop your dimes at :-) Note: Do not (I repeat: do not!) send any 12" Apple Powerbooks any more. Apple's move to Intel makes me wait for hardware that won't be obsoleted within the next 1-2 years. (My current notebook is about 5 years old and still works very fine - it's a Toshiba Portege 3440ct running NetBSD, of course, and the external video-out and esp. the APM suspend feature is something I wouldn't want to miss!). A nice alternative would be the Dell Latitude X300, but I doubt NetBSD supports external video-out and esp. suspend on that machine. Reports of the contrary welcome!]

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