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[20050614] Compressed vnd(4) handling tested
After being mostly offline for the weekend (/* no comment */), I had some time to test the patch for vnd to handle compressed files in cloop2 format, and also test it with images made by a program written by Florian Stoehr to compress and uncompress images to/from cloop2 format. (I have Florian's code after I sat over it a bit, doing a code walkthrough during a past BSE meeting :). Both parts worked really well - see my posting to tech-kern and the discussion that resulted from it.

According to the patch's author, Cliff Wright, the vnd(4) patch still has problems, and I hope to get an updated patch from him soon, then either commit this myself or find someone to move this into NetBSD (kernel/userland stuff is not really my work area :).

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