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[20050629] Buzzword bingo: BSD, TCG, TC, TPM and DRM
After Linux got drivers for the "TPM" digital rights management chip (see tpmdd, trousers, german language report on Heise Newsticker) , the question about interest and support in in BSD was asked on the German-language BSD forum A questionnaire was sent to single developers of the various BSD projects (one of them being me, after Christos and Alan said everything there really is to say: nothing at all :-). Here are some answers, all little surprising, by DragonflyBSD's Matt Dillon, FreeBSD's Scott Long as well as myself for NetBSD.

Best entry in the thread is probably Daniel Seuffert's summary, commenting on Linux jumping after every M$ feature: ``You shouldn't complain about fleas tomorrow if you go to sleep with the dogs tonight''. I think he's right, and I don't want any DRM near me. No, thanks. Never.

(Lars, who posted that questionnaire, also sent me a number of interesting links for learning more about the whole issue at hands: The AgainstTCPA website, Ross Anderson's TCPA-FAQ, Bruce Schneier's CryptoGram on TCPA etc. and Chaosradio #78 )

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