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[20050807] Of course it runs NetBSD?
This slogan isn't probably no longer as true as it used to be, but in his article about the current state of the Linux kernel, Geoff Broadwell writes ``Linux now supports more devices on more platforms than any other operating system ever (Linux passed NetBSD last year, an impressive achievement)''. My question in that context is: What is that "Linux" that's supporting all these devices? Is it what everyone can grab on Or is it just a term for a set of operating system kernels that behave roughly the same on all platforms they run? Or do they really all run kernels from the same sources? Reminds me of my musing about portability some time ago... is Linux (the kernel) really there were NetBSD is today? (serious question!)

Of course things look even more different in the userland, I guess, with NetBSD's crosscompiling framework for userland and X...

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