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[20050808] Small media-server from NEC
`` Most of us who aren't physically exposed to servers on a regular basis probably have the same impression of them: large, noisy computers with a load of hard drives whirring away. Rackmount machines have addressed these concerns to some extent, but taking things a step further, NEC has introduced the "UNIVERGE WNX Server." It measures only 3.79 x 2.57 x 2 inches (96.4 x 65.4 x 50.7mm), and can easily be considered palm-sized. It runs NetBSD, features video in/out, audio in/out, 100Base-TX ethernet, two CF card slots, and offers a battery life of three hours. NEC intends the server to be used as a sort of mobile gateway for connecting your phone to video cameras in an office, for example, but I don't see why this couldn't be used in other situations (like acting as a very portable media server). Unfortunately, the price is anything but small: roughly 257,500 yen (about $2,317 USD). '' [More information: english / japanese]

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