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[20050901] Real-Time Audio Servers on BSD Unix Derivatives
As mentioned on, Juha Erkkilä has managed to bring the topics of real-time processing in operating systems and audio servers together in his master's thesis "Real-Time Audio Servers on BSD Unix Derivatives": `` This paper covers real-time and interprocess communication features of 4.4BSD Unix derived operating systems, and especially their applicability for real-time audio servers. The research ground of bringing real-time properties to traditional Unix operating systems (such as 4.4BSD) is covered. Included are some design ideas used in BSD-variants, such as using multithreaded kernels, and schedulers that can provide real-time guarantees to processes. Factors affecting the design of real-time audio servers are considered, especially the suitability of various interprocess communication facilities as mechanisms to pass audio data between applications. ''. The thesis then describes how to implement things for OpenBSD, but it may still be of interest to NetBSD to some extent. [more]

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