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[20050915] A customer review of Microsoft Windows
Over at the MediaGab Shop, they offer an upgrade to Windows XP for only $199, and one of their customers gave some really nice review about Windows XP. Nothing new, but maybe some (more?) arguments to bring people back to sanity. My favourite part:

``[...] it's just that it does not make any sense to need a technician to increase you're security on the installation of an operating system! That's crazy... but that's microsoft. Technicians should be spending their time making things work, such as hardware with the operating system, or network issues. Instead, we're all fighting a malware war and finally giving up and making our own primary home operating systems BSD(Unix-NetBSD,FreeBSD,OpenBSD) or Linux(SuSE,Slackware,Red Hat,Knoppix) while not telling our customers. Our customers don't know what it's like to use a system that doesn't get viruses on a user level, and we all have receding hairlines because of it.''

See the webpage!

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