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[20050920] Progress on (Sun compatible) Java
If it walks like a duck and quacks like duck ... it's only a duck if it passes the Duck Compatibility Kit test framework by the duck's inventor. Well, that at least goes for Sun's Java. While binary kits running under Linux emulation or even some native, homegrewn binaries built e.g. from pkgsrc-wip are available for NetBSD, none of these is officially accepted by Sun, esp. for redistribution per FTP etc., as it's not sure that it's really compatible with what Sun defines as Java.

To be sure of that compatibility, a (non-public) software component, the Java Compatibility Kit (JCK) needs to be run, which tests all aspects of Java on the platform in question, and only if it does so without an error you have something which Sun will allow redistribution for.

Some work on this front is now taking place inside NetBSD, and the current state of art is that from the 33.000 tests in the JCK, about 500 failed on NetBSD in the first tests. After some adjusting to both the operating system and the machine/architecture dependent parts of Java, this is down to about 50 now. Maybe not too long until an official Java is available for NetBSD - but of course the last bugs to remain will be the toughest ones.

Stay tuned!

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