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[20051030] 7-CPU SunFire V40Z dmesg (Update #1)
I must have missed this dmesg-excerpt of a SunFire V40z with a bunch (4?) Dual-Core Opterons running the world's most portable operating system.

Update #1: Silly me, I've read some subjects about Sun V40Z this week but couldn't remember or research them when I found and wrote the above. Thanks to Brett Lymn for pointing me at his mail with the complete dmesg of that machine.

Seeing that it takes eight 2GHz CPUs to chew for a full hour before spitting out a NetBSD release seems pretty tough though... Time to de-bloat this OS. :)

(In another mail, Greg Oster posted about a machine with four slightly faster CPUs, which apparently took about 35 minutes to build a release without X... am I the only one missing some things here?).

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