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[20051201] Starting up KDE manually
In next week's SysAdmin class, I'll talk a bit about X and all the bits around it. The end of that session is usually a demonstration on how to start up KDE from a remote machine, without using the "startkde" script. As I always forget the exact steps, I had to re-read the "startkde" script, and for your amusement (and if you want to try it, e.g. in Xnest :), here is the rap:

  1. kwin &
  2. kdesktop
  3. kicker
Easy. If you know. :) The main part of this is actually done by the "ksmserver", which runs everything in the KDE "autorun" directory. Here's what is really ran:
 % ls /usr/pkg/share/kde/autostart
 irkick.desktop                          klipper.desktop
 kab2kabc.desktop                        konqy_preload.desktop
 kalarm.tray.desktop                     korgac.desktop
 kalarmd.autostart.desktop               ktip.desktop
 kdesktop.desktop                        panel.desktop
 kgpg.desktop                            restore_kmix_volumes.desktop
 % grep -h ^Exec /usr/pkg/share/kde/autostart/*
 Exec=kab2kabc --disable-autostart --quiet
 Exec=kalarm --tray
 Exec=kgpg %U
 Exec=konqueror --preload
 Exec=korgac --miniicon korganizer
 Exec=kmixctrl --restore 
Obviously there's a lot more that can be started up, but that depends on your individual needes. Happy playing!

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