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[20051222] Toying with qemu 0.8
I made a package for qemu 0.8 today (sent it off to the maintainer), to see what's new. And boy, SMP supports looks quite funny. I've played with two, four, sixteen and 128 CPUs, but qemu gets very slow then (apparently N times slower than 1 CPU for N CPUs). I managed to get to multiuser with 128 CPUs (of which NetBSD only recognized/used the first 20...), but due to some other process things (I'm not root on my work machine!) became unbearable slow and I deferred the playing to some other day.

Anyone got success with sparc SMP, or booting NetBSD/sparc in general, or NetBSD/macppc or any of the AFM or MIPS platforms? Please let me know if so! :)

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