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[20051222] Quo vadis, X11?
The news yesterday was from the X consortium that they have released X11R7, which moves away from a "monolithic" system using Imake into a more modularized one using autoconf etc. - Definitely bears some fingerprint of a GNU generation, which is also reflected by the list of supported platforms: while previous X releases supported a wide range of commercial and free Unix systems, X11R7 only lists Linux and Solaris as supported at this time.

As the XFree distribution (a spinoff of MIT's X == from many years ago) is likely being superseded by the newer releases, the question about NetBSD switching to or not is one coming up on and off. As an answer, NetBSD core member Valeriy 'uwe' E. Ushakov has given an outline of NetBSD's plans regarding XFree86 vs. If someone wants to help merging patches and feeding them upstream, feel free to do so! :)

For those that want to use today, they can find it in pkgsrc/meta-pkgs/xorg.

Maybe let me express my personal concerns that X(.org) is moving towards a Linux-centric system with no backward compatibility for systems not running Linux and all the fancy PC-centric, nVidia-equipped hardware and software. Which would not be the system that we all used to use for the past XX years.

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