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[20060101] Big 2005 catch-up
OK, due to moving back to Germany (I'll stay here, btw, the time in the US was just a temporary, 1-time thing, FYI) and some other action at the end of the year, I haven't had time to put stuff in here, but I still have quite a backlog of stuff from late 2005 that I think should be mentioned here. Instead of trying to make individual entries for them, I've decided to be lazy and lump them all into one entry. Here we go!
  1. There was a discussion recently that (old, pre-ANSI) style C function definitions are harmful and thus deprecated. After some attempts to come up with an example that shows the problem, Greg Troxel came up with a working one. Key here is that on 64bit platforms, parameters that can't be passed in registers (due to not enough registers), i.e. for functions with a lot of parameters, the K&R style prototypes may wrongly assume a type is "int" (==32bit, even on LP64 platforms), and thus be wrong.

    See Greg's mail including example output and some analysis.

  2. There's a nice article Inside NetBSD's CGD on O'Reilly's OnLAMP where CGD-author Roland Dowdeswell talks about CGD, its use, implementation details and a comparison against other, similar projects.

  3. I usually don't link to articles that claim that software XXX (e.g. the GNU Telephony Stack) also runs on NetBSD, but saying that ``Currently Boost comes bundled with Fedora, Debian, and NetBSD'' seems wrong enough to state here that Boost is not part of the NetBSD base system. Boost is available via pkgsrc, though.

  4. Yeah, NetBSD 3.0 was released, mentioned at least on Slashdot, ZDNet UK, Heise and TechSpot. Old news by now, but still good to waste some time reading the troll postings on a slow new-year's day. :)

  5. I found a bunch of nice Daemon pix (which I've just synced with my own collection yet)

  6. While there is no (publically available...) iSCSI implementation available for NetBSD natively, Al Crooks writes that people can try ``pkgsrc/devel/intel-iscsi, which is Intel's reference iSCSI target ported to NetBSD, and there's a userlevel iSCSI initiator in there too, for testing purposes. The package also has the other half of the equation, an OSD target.''.

    Who's first to write some iSCSI instructions for NetBSD? Reports of success or failure? :)

  7. pkgsrc was branched for the pkgsrc-2005Q4 branch, see the announcement

  8. Issue 38 of the NetBSD CVS Digest is out

  9. The NetBSD kernel is usually loaded by a bootloader. In that process, the bootloader passes a few bits of information (boot to singleuser mode, where the kernel was loaded from to find the root filesystem, ...) on to the kernel. That interface is very NetBSD specific and different from those used by other systems (which are mostly specific to those systems). GRUB has set some standard that's used by (surprise) Linux and more recently OpenSolaris, and now Julio Merino Vidal has been working on making a NetBSD kernel understand the "Multiboot" protocol as an alternative to NetBSD's own bootloader. While GRUB always worked to boot NetBSD, some parameters (e.g. the root filesystem) were not passed on properly.

    See Julio's mail for a lot more details!

  10. Status of NDIS integration for NetBSD: Alan Ritter has worked on an interface to use Microsoft Windows network drivers following the NDIS specification in NetBSD as part of the Google Summer of Code project. He has posted a status update on the integration of his work into NetBSD.

  11. Jan Schauman has uploaded pkgsrc-2005Q4 3.0/amd64 binary packages. I'm still waiting for Manuel's 3.0/i386 pkgs... :)

  12. Work is underway to get a NetBSD 3.0 cobalt restore CD

So much for now. In the mean time I've also done some work on updating qemu 0.8.0 and collecting what communication-exec did in 2005 for an internal status report, but that's something for future updates.

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