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[20060104] A NetBSD Community Wiki
The state of NetBSD's documentation has been discussed on and off, in public and not-so-public, in the past few weeks and months. There are many reasons for the current state of affairs, including busy developers, a toolchain for htdocs that's not lightweight, lack of a few dedicated individuals to have an iron grip on all of the documentation, etc. Of course it doesn't help that only NetBSD-developers have (write)access to 'htdocs', and that the barrier for contributing users is rather high (sending PRs or posting to mailing lists in the hope of getting a busy developer's attention, fighting the XML toolchain) either.

A solution that was proposed several times is to add/offer a Wiki for NetBSD-related data. While there are various pros and cons, Zafer Aydogan has setup an (inofficial) NetBSD Wiki where everyone (i think) can get write access and work on documentation not available at

To offer my personal $0.02: My preferred way of documentation would be to have it all in one place, but I guess that won't work out. We'll see what the Wiki becomes to, and then later evaluate it WRT contents and user-friendlyness in comparison to other, existing documentation provided by the NetBSD project.

For now: happy editing! :)

P.S.: Sending patches against htdocs' XML files to www@ is of course still very much welcome! :-)

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