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[20060112] Working on the NetBSD 3.0 5-CD-set
In the past few days, I've been working to get a 5-CD set with NetBSD 3.0 available, together with JF Lehmanns. After I didn't make the binary packages this time, I had to wait for them to appear on the NetBSD FTP server, but creating a CD with packages for NetBSD/i386 and the PC installation sets went smooth, and the set will contain that CD plus the three official Multiboot-CDs plus a CD that contains all sources (including the latest pkgsrc stable snapshot, in contrast to what TNF/releng produced).

Right now the CD masters are in the mail and we're hashing out the cover design. Orders are already possible, see the NetBSD 3.0 5-CD-sets's webpage.

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