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[20060114] NetBSD's ftp and ftpd on Cray's UNICOS/mp
From the "of course it runs (parts of) NetBSD"-department: Scott Telford wrote me that Cray used NetBSD's ftp(1) client and ftpd(8) server for their UNICOS/mp 3.0 operating system, which is Cray's UNIX for the X1 and X1E supercomputers, based on IRIX 6.5. The UNICOS/mp Release Overview (dated March 2005) available in HTML and PDF, their ftp(1) manpage ftpd(8) manpage all mention this.

Further references to NetBSD can be found by searching for "NetBSD" on the Cray documentation archive. Their vfork(2) manpage refers to NetBSD's documentation on why to implement traditional vfork() in context of 4.4BSD's changes, which I find interesting in historical context.

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