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[20060128] Would you like to play a game?
NetBSD used to ship a 'falken' login that runs /usr/games/wargames by default. That login's gone, and I've learned another reason for this today: Apparently you can run every program from /usr/games from it, by simply typing its name:

 miyu% /usr/games/wargames
 Would you like to play a game? fortune
 Flying saucers on occasion
         Show themselves to human eyes.
 Aliens fume, put off invasion
         While they brand these tales as lies.
This reminds me of a few of the rather nifty examples in Ivan Sklyarov's "Puzzles for Hackers", where you have to modify a (MS-DOS) binary to do something else than printing some dull text. Very nice examples (including detailled explanations) for doing evil stuff... recommended reading! :)

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