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[20060212] First version of COMPAT_LINUX32 imported
Emmanuel Dreyfus has been working on 32bit Linux compatibility for 64bit NetBSD, and he has imported a first version, see his mail on current-users@.

"What's the fuss, NetBSD already runs Linux binaries?!" you may ask. The point is: Running 32bit binaries on a 64bit system needs a bit more work. A "32bit system" is also known as ILP32, i.e. it has types 'int', 'long' and pointers 32bit, while "64bit systems" are also known as "LP64" systems because they have types 'long' and pointers with 64bit. Now guess what happens when you run a binary that was build on a system with long=32bit on a system with long=64bit: strange things! For things to work properly, arguments from and to system calls need to be converted, in addition to all those semantic changes when emulating a different Unix system (Linux).

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