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[20060216] Separating page replacement policy
If you have your flat already full of friends and another one arrives, whom do you send out to fetch beer? There are many ways to decide, and that problem is equivalent to the question of what piece of main memory ("page") to write to secondary storage ("swap space") so a program's need for more memory can be satisfied. There are many theories on what to do (least recently used, ...) that are subject to operating systems theory.

The implementation of the page replacement policy in NetBSD was closely tied to the virtual memory system of NetBSD, uvm.

Now, Yamamoto Takashi has started work on seperating the page replacement policy from the rest of the VM system, so different policies can be used easily. See his first mail for pointers to code and patches, and his second mail for more pointers on where to find information on the actual algorithms used.

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