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[20060228] Experimental benchmark result of recent PC UNIX file systems
I haven't seen this one before, and it's a bite dated (from 2003, speaking about NetBSD 1.6ZC, FreeBSD 5.1 and RedHat 9), but I think the results are not uninteresting, citing from the conclusions: ``
  • Write:
    • Linux software RAID5 25MB/s
    • NetBSD software RAID5 10MB/s
    • FreeBSD software RAID5 5MB/s
    • Linux hardware RAID5 10MB/s
    • NetBSD hardware RAID5 25MB/s
    • FreeBSD hardware RAID5 20MB/s
  • Read:
    • Linux software RAID5 45MB/s
    • NetBSD software RAID5 33MB/s
    • FreeBSD software RAID5 25MB/s
    • Linux hardware RAID5 25MB/s
    • NetBSD hardware RAID5 30MB/s
    • FreeBSD hardware RAID5 24MB/s
'' Seems there's more than 1-2 operating systems that are "good" on PCs. (Oh wait, NetBSD isn't strictly for PCs... but I guess adding all those abstraction layers that make NetBSD portable did not hurt performance too hard; I'd be interested to see a 2006 edition of that benchmark)

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