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[20060322] Ricoh's statement on Open Source
While Ricoh is known to use NetBSD in their fax/copier/printer machines for quite some time, their statement on Open Source was brought to me only recently, thanks to Karl-Uwe Lockhoff for the notice:

``Ricoh has been actively working to adopt open source software (OSS) to its products for several years. Examples include a UNIX compatible OS, NetBSD as kernel, control software of our imaging products like digital copiers and printers. To adopt OSS in a product, it is not enough to simply evaluate the pure technical points, such as examining if the software provides the functions needed, and on their affinity with other software developed in-house. We must also evaluate the conditions (software license) to observe in using that software. To this end, research and development projects must have not only software development specialists, but also members with excellent knowledge in judicial issues, like intellectual property rights.

Our Software R&D Group will verify the validity of using OSS, and development efficiency when mixed with in-house developed software, through research and development of the technology to build an OSS-based platform responding to our customers' solutions. This will all be done keeping the ubiquitous era in mind. At the same time, we are examining ways to license software for solution platforms, through opinion exchange with outside software licensing experts. ''

Very nice! Now if everyone using NetBSD would state that in such bold letters... (send links!)

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