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[20060425] simonb-timecounters branch: testers wanted
Simon Burge and Frank Kardel are working on a port of FreeBSD's timecounter implementations to NetBSD. For those wondering, this is about `` an architecture-independent implementation of a binary timescale using whatever hardware support is at hand for tracking time. The binary timescale converts using simple multiplication to canonical timescales based on micro- or nano-seconds and can interface seamlessly to the NTP PLL/FLL facilities for clock synchronisation. Timecounters are implemented using lock-less stable-storage based primitives which scale efficiently in SMP systems.'' (citing Poul-Henning Kamp's paper).

Their work is progressing, and Frank and Simon are now looking for testers of the interface together with the latest NTP snapshot. See their mail to tech-kern@ for details.

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