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[20060511] Debugging Kernel Problems
For those that can't go to BSDCan 2006, Greg Lemis' presentation about "Debugging Kernel Problems" is available online early, and it talks about userland programs like ps, systat vmstat and gdb, reading code(!), preparing to debug a kernel and debugging a crash dump, how to trace the cause of panics in the source ("Why did that vnode related panic happen?"), spontaneous traps, plus includes a selection of manpages for offline/print reference.

The tutorial's focus is on FreeBSD, but there are many comments and examples that show NetBSD and OpenBSD to make this a worthwhile ressource for people new to the topic.

PDFs are available for the tutorial (mirror, original) and the presentation slides (mirror, original)

This was noticed by Julian Suschlik on netbsd-advocacy@, and Julian also points at a chance to add NetBSD-related papers to the onetbsd Wiki.

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