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[20060628] Wanted: Update for sendmail->postfix for the NetBSD Guide
The NetBSD Guide currently contains documentation on how to setup a home user's site with sendmail. Now after sendmail is gone for future releases, it would be nice if someone could update the documentation on how to use postfix as an alternative to sendmail (or maybe even just add data on how to get back sendmail from pkgsrc ;).

See the guide's section on mail and news for what needs to be updated, and appendixes B. Contributing to the NetBSD guide and C. Getting started with XML/DocBook for docs on how to get started with hacking the NetBSD Guide. If you have something for review, I recommend posting to the netbsd-docs@ list, final patches should go to www@. TIA!

P.S.: General updates for the next major major release, NetBSD 4.0 (based on today's NetBSD-current) will be appreciated just as well!

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