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[20060728] NetBSD/ofppc boots multiuser on Pegasos
There was some discussion about the status of NetBSD on the Pegasos board on the port-ofppc mailing list recently, and Jorge Acereda Macia has posted a dmesg of NetBSD/ofppc now. The port uses only only the (rather slow) hardware interfaces that are provided via Open Firmware, but that may change.

About the hardware, the Pegasos homepage says that ``The Pegasos platform is a flexible PowerPC based mainboard and swappable CPU card that can be deployed in a variety of configurations from a thin client to a server. The Pegasos utilizes a standardized abstraction layer and a customized implementation of IEEE1275 compliant Open Firmware that allows the platform to leverage less expensive components and peripherals directed at the standard PC market, while providing PowerPC advantages of lower power consumption, lower operating temperatures and higher reliability. The platform is supported by multiple operating systems and development communities. The Pegasos is capable of adapting to commercial and industrial markets.''

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