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[20060912] BSDtalk: Interview with Jason Thorpe
Jason Thorpe has been a BSD hacker for quite some time, and there's a nice interview (both mp3 and ogg) with him on BSDtalk that talk about his personal history WRT BSD, work he did previously with lots of details on his work on the Alpha port architecture, the bus space and bus DMA framework and the hardware circus he's using these days to do NetBSD development. He continues talking about a native NetBSD port to the Apple MacBooks and what alternatives are there, his recent work on property lists (proplib) to decouple from historic data structures, and the future of the locking facilities inside the kernels for SMP support. Other topics include the weight of 'old' platforms vs. 'new' ones (and if one holds back development on the other), the BSD license and its consequences esp. in commercial environments, and his preferred working environment and programming language.

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