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[20061001] The *BSDstats Project
Dan sent me mail to point me at The *BSDstats Project: they provide a shellscript that's intended to be ran from /etc/monthly.local (or any moral equivalent) to send them some data on the local system (OS version, CPU, PCI hardware , ...) that are published on their site.

Looking at the provided shellscript showed that the code for digging out the (PCI) devices was FreeBSD-only. I've fixed that and some other minor issues in a patch patch that I've sent to the author for inclusion into future releases.

To install:

  1. Grab the shellscript
  2. Grab my patch
  3. Apply the patch: patch <bsdstats-300.statistics.diff
  4. Put it somewhere, e.g. into /usr/local/bin/bsdstats
  5. Start it in /etc/monthly.local, e.g.
         if [ -f /usr/local/bin/bsdstats ]; then
  6. Enable by putting this into your /etc/rc.conf:
If someone wants to make a package for this: be my guest.

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