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[20061010] pkgsrc mirror available via Mercurial SCM (Updated)
Peter Schuller lets us know that he has setup a Mercurial pkgsrc mirror. Mercurial is (yet another) distributed versioning system (AKA "something like CVS") that has a long list of features, e.g. easy setup of private repositories. To start playing, install pkgsrc/devel/mercurial and get going.

Update: Peter Schuller has told me the steps to get started :

  • Install Mercurial:
    cd pkgsrc/devel/mercurial ; make install

  • For the initial checkout, run:
    hg clone /usr/pkgsrc

  • To update the tree at any point in the future, run:
    cd /usr/pkgsrc && hg pull && hg update

    The first command, "hg pull", pulls changesets from the remote repository to the local repository, "hg update" updates the working copy to reflect the local repository. You'll be able to find the Mercurial meta-data in /usr/pkgsrc/.hg.

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